Autumn Term

Monday 4th September to Friday 15th December 2023.

Half term Monday 23rd October to Friday 27th October


Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back after the summer holidays! We trust you all had a relaxing break and enjoyed the weather. This term brings the arrival of some new children and we extend a warm welcome to them and their parents/carers.

Each week a new policy is added to the notice board in the corridor for you to read and sign. We would appreciate you spending a couple of minutes reading this as it helps us in our annual review of policies, whilst also ensuring that you are aware of policies and procedures within the setting. Lots of useful information can be found on our website.


The Village Hall has installed a new CCTV for the following purposes:

  • Assist in the prevention and detection of crime
  • Increase personal safety and reduce the fear of crime
  • Assist with the potential investigation and identification of potential offenders
  • Protect the Hall’s buildings and property
  • Assist in the management and monitoring of Hall’s facilities including the investigation of accidents
  • As a means of assistance to hirers of the Hall in case of emergency situations

As a trustee of the hall I have access to the CCTV recordings when required.

Please be reassured the cameras are on the outside of the building only and DO NOT overlook the playground so your children will not be recorded once they are in preschool, and only on arrival/departure.

The CCTV policy is available for you to read in detail.


In the interest of safety, can you please use the car park opposite when dropping off or collecting your child/ren. It can get very congested and difficult to see oncoming traffic if parents park right in front of the preschool.

May we remind you that we have a ‘no dogs policy’ on the premises; please refrain from bringing your dogs to playschool and tying them up as some of our children have phobias about dogs.

Tapestry learning journals:

Tapestry online learning journal builds a very special record of your child’s experiences, development and learning journey through their early year’s education. Using photos, videos, and observations; your keyperson, (early years educator), yourself and your children themselves if they’re ready; build the story of how they are growing and developing, communication between staff and parents that Tapestry enables. This helps build a shared understanding of how every child can reach their full potential.

It is therefore essential to your child’s continued development and partnership with your keyperson that you regularly access and contribute to your Tapestry journal where you can view your child’s progress, the activities provided for them, and how much fun they’re having, whilst also uploading your own comments and pictures.

 Please remember to add your summer fun pictures to your tapestry journal, we will look at them with the children to encourage them to talk about their home and experiences.

Preschool committee: 

As a registered non-profit charity, the preschool is run by a Parent Committee lead by Sophie Tierney (chairperson).

The Committee volunteers work closely with preschool staff to offer support, fundraising and legal decisions governed by the Committee laws and guidance. This ensures as a business we continue to make progress and achieve our vison of providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment for your children to thrive and meet their full potential.

We depend very much on the goodwill of parents and carers. If you would like to make a financial donation, or if you feel like volunteering in any role no matter how big or small, please speak to Sophie.

Donations needed this term, thank you:

  • Play sand
  • Baby wipes
  • Compost
  • Hand wash
  • Antibacterial spray
  • Paper

The annual AGM meeting will be held on Monday 25th September at 7.00pm at Preschool. Please come along if you are interested in joining the committee.

Next fundraising event:

Our next fundraising event will be the annual Pumpkin Ball on Friday 20th October 4–6pm, please put this date in your diaries now (tickets will be on sale nearer the time). Entertainment will be provided by Tomfoolery and the children will have a chance to dress up in their Halloween costumes and dance to their favourite tunes. There will also be several side stalls and games to play. Hot food will be available to purchase, as well as soft drinks and cakes.


  • Please send your child to preschool with a labelled bag containing a change of clothes, nappies and wipes.
  • Please ensure your child comes to preschool in appropriate clothing, remembering that we DO go outside in ALL WEATHERS. You need to provide waterproof coat, trousers and wellington boots. ( PLEASE LABEL CLEARLY)
  • We get messy a lot!! I cannot guarantee that our exciting activities won’t stain clothes, and although we provide aprons for children we cannot make them wear them, so old clothes are essential.


At preschool we promote the good health of children and staff attending each day. We take necessary steps to prevent the spread of infection, therefore you must not bring your child to preschool if they are suffering from a contagious/infectious illness. If your child has a temperature, or needed Calpol before they arrive, then they are not well enough to attend preschool.

If your child has had sickness or diarrhoea they must not attend preschool for 48hours after it has stopped. If you are unsure, please call before bringing your child to preschool, and a staff member will advise you on what to do.

Lunch sessions:

This is a casual no pressure atmosphere with lots of encouragement on making healthy choices with food and drink. When preparing your child’s lunch please consider the following:

  • Portion sizes- too much can be overwhelming.
  • Ensure fruit and veg options are available (ensure grapes and berries are cut long ways in half to reduce the risk of choking).
  • No high salt, sugar foods, no sweets or fizzy drinks.
  • Any uneaten food will be put back in their lunch box so you can see what has been eaten.
  • Please ensure lunch boxes, drinks bottles and containers are manageable and clearly labelled.

For further information see the Eat Well guidance.

At preschool we love to celebrate the children’s birthdays, but we ask that you do not bring in sweets and cakes for children to give out, but suggest stickers instead to celebrate.

Many thanks,

Chantael –Supervisor

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