“Beeding and Bramber preschool is fantastic! I can not recommend it enough, both of my children have loved going there and had so much fun. Not only is the environment nurturing, caring and stimulating but the way they teach and prepare them for ‘big’ school is excellent. Always offering different opportunities to learn that meets the needs of all children. The afternoons with Foxy Loxy and his circle time is a big favourite. He teaches the children phonics, number and much more in such a exciting way as well as developing listening and speaking skills. Thank you for all you have done for my children.” ~ Jo.

“My eldest daughter joined Beeding & Bramber Pre-school Playgroup, she had additional needs. From the first day I met the staff at Pre-school they understood & acknowledged all of the ‘boundaries’ I had to put in place for her. They made her feel so welcome & included and adapted activities so that she could still take part with the other children. When she had a major operation, the pre-school went out of their way to adapt the setting so that she could return as soon as possible. In doing this she found the recovery process a lot easier. I highly recommend Beeding & Bramber Pre-school playgroup as they deliver an outstanding level to all children & especially those with additional needs.” ~ Sophie.

My nieces both attended here, and despite not being a regular person to pick up or drop, I was always made to feel very welcomed to the setting by the staff. My nieces were always so happy to go here, and it was very exciting to see them out and about on trips around the village!” ~ Charlotte.

“I have had two children attend here, who both thrived. What I found really lovely was being able to see the adventures at pre-school on Tapesty, and being able to talk to them about it. ~ Brenda.

“I felt I had a great relationship with my child’s keyworker. I felt I could easily speak to her about any concerns or queries and she was very approachable, and that for me was very reassuring as a parent. It helped that my child adored her keyworker, and will still wave to her now if we see her out and about.” ~ Sammy.

“As a family, our experience of having two children, one with SEND, attend Beeding and Bramber Pre-school has been nothing but positive.
All of the staff ensure the children are stimulated, engaged and exposed to a wide range of learning experiences. Everyday is fun, engaging and full of care for our little ones.
The staff have been exceptional at ensuring our youngest child transitioned smoothly from one setting to another. As well as supporting our child’s development of speech and language.
As a result of all of the above, our children feel loved and supported and are full of confidence.
We cannot thank all of the staff enough for everything they have done for us as a family.
~ Ruth and Piers.

“We are still so grateful to you for keeping the preschool going during the pandemic, it made such a huge difference to the children and families!” ~ Cat.

“Thank you for making my 4 grandchildren’s preschool experience so amazing. Each and every one of them have thrived since being there and have grown in confidence while you have all reiterated the being kind, sharing and caring ethos which I feel is such a good start in their little lives”. ~ Anita.