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Dear parents and carers,

I would like to take this chance to introduce to you our pre-school.

Beeding and Bramber pre-school playgroup is a village pre-school with strong community ties. We enjoy close links with Upper Beeding primary school, in particular the reception year teachers. We have a very experienced, enthusiastic, highly trained and caring staff who aim to provide your child with a secure and stimulating and fun environment in which to develop.

Our pre-school is a registered charity run by a committee under the constitution of the pre-school learning alliance.

We ensure that all profits made go back into the preschool to provide new toys and equipment.

We are regularly inspected by OFSTED. The pre-school received a great OFSTED report in 2017.

The pre-school is always aiming to improve standards by developing resources and ensuring staff are highly qualified, this way we can offer you the best for your child.

Yours Sincerely

Chantael Brookshaw & Mia Pullen       Emma Cox

Pre-School Supervisors. Committee Chairperson.

Pre-School Aims

Our Pre-school aims to

  • Promote the social and educational needs and interests of each individual child

  • Work with British values in our daily routines
  • Provide a happy, secure and stimulating environment

  • Ensure each child feels a valued member of our community and setting

  • Encourage self confidence and independence

  • Always follow the Early years foundation stage of the National Curriculum (EYFS)

  • Actively promote the equality and inclusion of each child and their family

  • Work in partnership with parents and carers

  • Follow OFSTED standards


Pre-School Learning Goals

Our key-workers will work together with parents and carers to develop a positive influence on your child’s learning, knowledge and development. We aim to……

  • Encourage enthusiasm in learning.

  • Provide opportunities for your child to develop socially

  • Build on your child’s concentration skills

  • Develop your child’s listening and communication skills

  • Explore and enjoy writing and reading skills

  • Help your child gain a good understanding of mathematics

  • Encourage problem solving and decision making

  • Explore the environment, different places, cultures and religions

  • Develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills

  • Increase your child’s knowledge of how their bodies work and what keeps them safe and healthy

  • Extend children’s creative development and expression

Pre-School Organisation

Our pre-school is for any child between the ages of two and the statutory school age.

Key workers- Each child is allocated a key person, that is one particular person your child can relate to and work with. A key person will be available for discussion and use a home contact book to maintain links with your child’s home setting and main carers. Your child’s key person will use Early Years foundation stage (EYFS) records to follow developmental progress and will include individual plans to move each child forward by and interests needs.

Snacks- Children at the pre-school receive free milk ( alternatives are available) and a selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread and crackers at each session, we ensure a balanced nutritious snack.

Lunches-The pre-school offers a one hour lunch session for all children. Lunch sessions are a happy, social time of the day that children enjoy. We promote healthy eating within the pre-school, suggestions for a healthy lunchbox are available . All lunch boxes are kept in a cool place during the day but we ask that you put a freezer pack in them to keep it fresh.

Afternoon sessions- Afternoon sessions are offered twice a week for children who are due to start school the following September. During these sessions children are introduced to the jolly phonic scheme used at Upper Beeding Primary. Children are also given the opportunity to take home a reading book if they wish and get a turn in taking Billy Bear (the preschool teddy) home for a week. Please note that although your child may take home a work sheet or a reading book, homework is just for fun, it is not at all compulsory or expected.

Session Times-

Monday: 9.00-12.00 noon
Lunch session (optional) 12.00-1pm
Afternoon: 1pm- 3.30pm
All day sessions available

Tuesday: 9.00-12.00 noon
Lunch session (optional) 12.00-1pm

Wednesday: 9.00-12.00 noon
Lunch session (optional) 12.00-1pm
Afternoon: 1pm-3.30pm
All day sessions available

Thursday: 9.00-12.00 noon
Lunch session (optional) 12.00-1pm
Afternoon: 1pm-3.30pm
All day session available

Friday: 9.00-12.00 noon
Lunch session (optional) 12.00-1pm

Term time follows Upper Beeding Primary School in accordance with the West Sussex Local Education Authority and runs for a total of 39 weeks a year.

Pre-School Committee

We are a charity, committee run pre-school. This means we qualify for many training and equipment grants which enable us to offer a high standard of pre-schooling. The committee is manned by volunteers who organise fundraising, employ staff and decide what to spend our money on. This puts our pre-school in the excellent position of being staffed by qualified child care practitioners and being run by members of the community whose only concern is the children who attend the pre-school.

The committee is always open to new members or event helpers who can be called on as and when needed. If you would like to be more involved with your child’s pre-school please ask a member of staff to point you in the direction of a committee member.

Children with additional support needs

Our pre-school has an inclusion co-ordinator who will be happy to support parents and carers to access outside agencies for children who may need extra support with any aspect of pre-school life. We follow the SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) code of practice. Our vision for children with special educational needs and disabilities is the same as for all children and young people – that they achieve well in their early years.

Equal opportunities

Our pre-school has an equal opportunities co-ordinator who ensures the inclusion of every child and family. We will always do our best to teach the pre-school children to respect the values and beliefs of others.

Financial Matters

Fund raising- We hold a variety of functions to raise money for the pre-schools use. Friends, family and carers are encouraged to take part in fundraising. Anyone with a fundraising idea would be welcomed by the committee. Funds raised are used to subsidise activities and new equipment to enrich your child’s pre-school experience.

Enrollment Admin Fee

There is a £15 administration fee which covers the cost of enrollment forms, Learning journals and compulsory forms and files.

This will appear on your first term’s bill and must be paid within two weeks.

Session costs

  • For non funded children (3 hour session) £15.00

  • £5.00 per lunch session

  • For funded children (the term after their 3rd birthday) up to 15 hours free per week and additional hours at £5.00 per hour.

  • Children who qualify for 2 yr old funding up to 15 hours free per week and additional hours at £5.00 per hour

  • £5.00 per lunch session
  • Fees are calculated and charged every half term

  • Fees must be paid within two weeks of receiving bill

  • No refunds are made except under extreme circumstances

This is based on 2 x 12 week terms and 1 x 14 week term and pays for up to five sessions a week, 38 weeks in total.

As our playgroup is open for thirty nine weeks a year it does mean that parents and carers are expected to pay the small extra amount.


As a charity, donations are always welcome such as tissues for winter colds, paper and art materials etc.